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  Your First Visit

Consultation, Examination, Review of Findings
The purpose of your initial consultation is to gather information. I will get an overall sense of your health, current chief complaint, and your current health goals.

Prior to your first visit, you will be asked to fill out forms about your health. Always include important personal information and family history of conditions such as: asthma, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, kidney problems, mental problems and/or any other major/minor health conditions. The information you provide will help me know more about you and your health history, and we will have a casual conversation about your concerns.

Next, an in-depth examination will discover what’s causing your pain. An emphasis on health and function of the spine and nervous system, along with a focus on the area of your chief complaint, will drive the examination. A diagnosis will be made here followed by a review of findings – an explanation of the results of the examination. From the results, I will give treatment recommendations for your specific condition and discuss the costs associated with your treatment plan.

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Phases of Care

Phase 1: Pain Relief
This phase is about reducing or relieving pain symptoms. You will be re-examined and the frequency of care will be adjusted or reduced as needed. As tissues surrounding the vertebrae get more accustomed to being back in their proper position, they will hold that position longer with time. Holding adjustments = longer time between visits.

Phase 2: Correction or Near-Correction of the Spine
Most patients experience less pain in this phase. You will walk straighter, feel better, be more energetic and notice improvements in other health issues.

Phase 3: Stabilization, Maximum Health and Prevention of Future Problems
The amount of care in this phase depends on your health condition. Come in for a tune-up and return for care: not because you hurt, but because you don’t want to hurt.



Before your first visit...

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Home Meet Dr. Marcia Your First Visit Schedule Appointment What is Chiropractic? Testimonials Dr. Marcia Says

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