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"In every profession there are those few individuals who establish a sense of trust from the very beginning. Dr. Marcia Krueger is one of these special people. She is knowledgeable in assessing and effectively treating the problem areas. I have recommended her to family and friends and believe strongly in her professional capabilities."
Mark D.

"Dr. Marcia has got magic fingers!"
Kristen H.

"I have this amazing bright light in my life, and her name is Dr. Marcia. She is intuitive, gifted, kind and will stop traffic to help you out, even if you have never met her. She greets strangers with a smile and will do everything she can to make sure you are aligned. The world is a better place because she is here. I am blessed to call her a friend…here, there and everywhere."
Kelly M.

"You’re the best! Love being adjusted by you. You are so gentle and always explain what you are going to do before you do it.Thanks, Dr. Marcia. You are amazing!"
Debbie O.

"I was suffering from chronic back and wrist pain from sitting at a desk and using a computer mouse all day. By visiting Dr. Marcia regularly and following her directions for setting up an ergonomic desk, I have experienced a profound improvement in my comfort level. She a great communicator and listener, and is always very gentle with her treatments. Thanks, Dr. Marcia - you are amazing!"
Steve W.

"I may very well be Dr. Marcia's biggest fan. I have dubbed her The Fixer. I started seeing Dr. Marcia about 18 months ago after I strained all the ligaments in my lower back. She had me up and about after 3 visits, which is more than my previous chiropractor was able to do in 24 visits. Since first seeing her she has been able to help me with not only my back but my hips, neck and TMJ. Dr. Marcia is very personable and compassionate. She always asks questions about your pain before adjusting and explains what each adjustment does and why your body responds. She is open to questions and always answers best to her ability. She offers tips on body maintenance. I can not stress what a wonderful doctor she is;)."
Sarah S.


Home Meet Dr. Marcia Your First Visit Schedule Appointment What is Chiropractic? Testimonials Dr. Marcia Says

Dr. Marcia, innate ability Chiropractic    952.746.5199
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